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Kotka 10 is a series about the rescuers of the central fire station in Kotka, their exciting and sometimes dangerous tasks, and their relationships. The series follows the activities and lives of two rescue teams and an emergency medical unit at the station, as well as their various work assignments. The action is represented by thrilling, life-threatening, and visually stunning rescue missions, all based on real cases. The humanity and emotional impact are portrayed through the fates of the people in need of rescue and their influence on the rescuers' own lives and personal relationships. The fire station is a close-knit community, predominantly a male world, perhaps one of the last strongholds of masculinity in our society, often associated with different myths of heroism and manhood. There is a fair amount of teasing and even crude dark humor. As the rescuers work in 24-hour shifts, it is evident that the crew knows each other very well. Relationships and friendships form, and their personal problems also manifest in their behavior. In the first season, we focus on four rescuers, whose private lives we also follow outside the station. What happens when fire chief Roope Kunnari (Kai Vaine) faces the biggest crisis of his life as his wife leaves him for another man? And what happens when rescuer Nella Lehtopuro’s (Sara-Maria Heinonen) former life reappears in the form of her drug-addicted ex, just when Nella thought she had her life in order and left the past behind? We also witness the struggles of fire chief Mikael Jääskeläinen (Juha Kukkonen), plagued by a midlife crisis and feelings of inferiority in the presence of fitter firefighters and his younger wife. Additionally, we observe how rescuer Jasper Jääskeläinen(Jasir Osman), known for being carefree, a rule-breaker, and everyone's friend, painfully realizes the consequences of his irresponsibility when, at the end of the season, his and his girlfriend's old house burns down due to Jasper's own mistake. One controversial aspect within the station is the gender equality ethos promoted by the rescue commander, who tries to incorporate it into the station's daily life by hiring a young woman, Krista Nylund (Sara Paasikoski), with no previous experience as a rescuer, for the position of fire chief. This doesn't sit well with everyone, as many feel that the arrival of women jeopardizes the spirit of the entire station.

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