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Yellow is built on talent, and that’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for new creatives and exciting projects. We work with the Nordic's best filmmakers, but also take pride in nurturing new talent. Feel free to drop us a line!
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Pietari Vappula
Head of Co-Productions 40 838 2091
Olli Haikka
Laura Teirikko
Chief Legal Officer
Tomi Paajanen
Chief Operating Officer
Jorma Reinilä
Chief Financial Officer
Heidi Laitinen
Head of Production
Marko Talli
Head of Scripted
Jackie Larkin
Producer / International Productions
Joonas Nordman
Head of Entertainment
Miia Lehtinen
Head of Production / Entertainment
Pippa Lambert
Sales / North America
Yellow Film & TV is always on the hunt for the best and brightest. If you possess the skills, the creativity, and the drive to succeed in the film and TV industry, please send us an open application.

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