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A very successful, mid 30’s couple suddenly finds that they are at a financial dead-end. As they struggle to make ends meet, they’re forced to make an extreme, life changing decision in order to pay off their debts, putting an end to their luxurious lifestyle. The couple has to sell their upscale home in a trendy area of town and move into a small rental apartment in the seedy suburbs. When questioned by their friends and family, they sell the idea as a voluntary new lifestyle trend—“downshifting”—that their generation is doing these days.

The couple is unaware that their close friends are facing similar hardships, and both couples end up moving into an old concrete apartment complex where unemployment and dead-end jobs are the norm for their neighbors, and the buildings on the block are vibrant with domestic conflict and noise. Amidst all this, the couples keep up the façade of enjoying the downshifting life, making every penny stretch to the limit. The situation is abnormal, though the theme is universal—how deep is their love? When stretched to the limit, will it withstand? Or will it fail? And when friendships are tested, under what circumstances will a friend turn their back on you?

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