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Yellow Film & TV has already impressed by attracting millions of viewers this spring

Yellow Film & TV’s international hits – drama series Nurses and entertainment format Comedy Combat ­– have continued their respective high ratings runs in Finland. Nurses, which depicts the lives of four nurses working in the ICU, premiered its fourth season in January. The first episodes have already garnered impressive viewing figures, with an audience of more than a million having tuned in. Also premiering in January, the first two episodes of Comedy Combat’s eighth season gathered a staggering well over a million viewers each.

Nurses finds its stronghold as channel’s audience favorite

Medical drama Nurses is set in the ICU of a large central hospital in a big city, where audiences follow the colorful personal and professional lives of its main characters – four nurses who work in the trauma ward. In addition to the fascinating relationships and storylines involving patients, the show also highlights the dynamic hierarchies of the hospital world.

Every season of the hugely popular Nurses has gathered a spectacular average of 900,000 viewers via Yle TV2 and Yle Areena, the Finnish Broadcasting Company’s online streaming service, the latter of which is especially popular amongst envied younger demographics. Impressively, Nurses is the most streamed show in the channel’s entire history. The opening of the fourth season commanded a remarkable 30% of TV viewer shares for the Wednesday 9pm slot.

The show deservedly walked away with the Audience Favorite Award at the Finnish Emmys “Kultainen Venla Gaala” in January of 2017. The Swedish remake of Nurses aired on Sweden’s TV4 last fall. In addition, the international remake rights for Nurses have thus far been optioned to Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Spain and China, to name a few.

Comedy Combat’s sketch comedy characters thrill audiences

Comedy Combat is an entertainment show classic, where your favorite stars perform live comedy sketches in a 90-minute live extravaganza. In addition to the sketches, actors face surprise improvisation tasks. But the core of the show lies in the actors competing each season for Best Sketch Comedy Character, the winner of which is chosen by audience viewers.

The wildly popular Comedy Combat has continued to break records into its eight season here in Finland. In a country of only five million, the eighth season opener gathered a jaw-dropping 1.6 million local viewers during the course of the show, boasting a healthy 1.1 million viewers tuning in for the whole broadcast. Audience viewer shares for the channel MTV3 rode high for the 8pm slot on Saturday night, when a staggering 49.2% of all TV viewers tuned in to watch Comedy Combat. Total simultaneous viewers peaked at an amazing 1.3 million during the show’s finale, when the massively popular sketch comedy character competition began.

The show went from strength to strength when the season’s second episode outperformed the first with an astonishing 1.7 million viewers in total during the night. Over the course of the second episode, 51.7% of all TV viewers tuned in to Comedy Combat.

Comedy Combat has earned an entire hoard of awards during its seven-season run so far in Finland and two seasons in Estonia. Rights for the show have also been sold to Sweden, Bulgaria, Vietnam and China, among others.


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