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Medical drama Nurses debuts to over 1,1 million viewers in Sweden

The premiere of the new Swedish medical drama Nurses (“Syrror”) drew in 1,113,000 viewers and had a 9.3 percent rating along with a 29 percent share in TV4’s main target group all aged 15-64. Syrror is a medical drama centered around the lives of four nurses working in an emergency room at a Stockholm hospital. Life at the hospital is lined with drama, thrill and romance when the nurses together with colleagues struggle with tough cases and complicated personal lives.

“It’s amazing that over a million people tuned in to watch the premiere of Syrror! Producing a medical drama has been both difficult and incredibly fun. To put a hospital as the arena for a drama is very rewarding, as you get to follow the big questions of life and death, and to furthermore be able to put a spotlight on strong female characters as well as a profession that deserves attention for all their hard work feels great. Hopefully we have managed to create an interesting world that our audience wants to continue to follow”, says Josefine Tengblad, drama director at the C More and TV4 Group.

The series was pre-screened by nearly 200 nurses and other medical staff in Gothenburg on Monday 17th, two days before the premiere, where there show received great appreciation from the audience.

On social media the series has engaged and received both appraisal and criticism.

“It’s incredible that the audience feels so engaged about, and interested in discussing, the series. Since Syrror is a fictional world, some situations and details vary from the reality at a hospital today, but we hope that the show’s strong characters as well as their thrilling work life and intriguing personal lives will continue to captivate our viewers for a long time”, says Elin Kvist, executive producer of Syrror at TV4.

Syrror is produced for TV4 and C More by Bob Film and directed by Lisa Farzaneh and Tord Danielsson. The series is based on a format produced by Yellow Film & TV and distributed internationally by Eccho Rights. The original script is written by Petja Peltomaa.


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